Thursday, June 7, 2012

Good to Eat at: So Yum

Every once in a while my good friend Kate and I meet up for a spot of dinner at So Yum in Hyde Park. Having lived in Taiwan for some time, I am a huge fan of Asian cuisine. I have even taken to eating my evening meals out of bowl, much to the annoyance of my sibling. 

Everything on the menu at So Yum is as the name indicates, delicious! I have been here quite a few times and have never been disappointed. This time we decided to live large and ordered a glass of the Springfield Life from Stone Sauvignon Blanc. At R65 a glass it is not cheap, but wow it was so worth it. Due to allergies I have a limited sense of smell, but when our waitress poured this liquid gold into my glass I could smell it perfectly. You get some amazing scents on the nose and when you drink it, it tastes like heaven. 

We started with some dim sum and probably should have stopped there, but the food is just too good! We then had some Thai Curry and Cashewnut Chicken with rice and noodles. The food was so good that we went glutton. About an hour afterwards I was still full. Asian food is deceiving like that, it looks like it won't full you up, but it really does! 

For a great evening out with some delicious food that you can share with friends, check out So Yum