Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Rugby: Sharks vs Lions

sharks vs lions by m.burke
 Lions vs Sharks at Ellispark
So I have never been one to watch sport. I will usually join in when there is a world cup on or if I am staying with someone who is into sport. For example back in the day when I lived at home I knew that for the month of July I would only be watching The Tour de France. You kind of get into it because you have to.

I have always wanted to go to a live sporting match of somesort, especially cricket, but this is probably because I have visions of sipping on G&T's while lying on the lawns. Well last week my sibling invited me along to a rugby match. It was awesome! The vibe is amazing and I really liked the Lions' Mascot. Apparently he can do one armed push ups but sadly I never saw him do more than wave. 

The game itself was awesome to watch, even though the Sharkies lost. In rugby you really need to know how to take a knock. The crowd added to the ambience, especially when Lion and Shark supporters were seated near each other. I was one of those irritating people at games who ask questions every time someone moves, because prior to this game, I knew nothing about rugby! I know a bit now and after watching a game, I'm actually kind of interested in it. 

Thanks muchly to M.Burke for letting me use this super cool picture.