Friday, June 8, 2012

Oyster & Wine Festival

On Sunday we went to Joburg's Biggest Oyster Festival at Brightwater Commons. I had only tried an oyster once before, and that was when I was still a vegetarian and they were handing them out for free at Kofi Bay, and I thought when in Rome. We actually kind of forgot about the oysters, it was only near the end of our day that we realized we hadn't yet feasted on one. We paid our R10 and got one each. People in front of us were getting oysters by the dozen. I threw on as much as was available, from ginger, to soy, lemon juice and pepper. I got the big nasty one, and sure it tasted just like the concoction I had thrown over it, but ugh it was disgusting! I feel uncouth, and don't cast pearls before swine type thing, but at least I had one. 

The rest of the festival was amazing. The food stalls were awesome. The cupcakes were so tasty and a nice lady even gave me one for free. Thank you that chocolate orange cup cake was the best cup cake ever. I loved how all of the stalls had tasters. I went rather piggy at the turkish delight stall - they had so many different flavours. I also tried chickpea fudge, it sounds disgusting but I can't wait to try and make it at home. The pomegranate dressing was out of this world and the beetroot hummus has been my staple for lunch this week. 

There was also lots of vino and for R25 you could get pretty sozzled. All in all an awesome day out and the weather was amazing. I look forward to next year!