Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hunger Games = Hunger Lames

I first heard about The Hunger Games when I was still in Taiwan. They had the books everywhere and every time I read about them, I was not interested at all. Then I saw an interview on Ellen with one of the leading actresses and thought that it would be awesome to get lost in the books and enjoy some "literary meth". I rushed over to the bookstore and thought of buying the trilogy, but decided to only buy the first. Thank goodness. 

It took me a week to slog through this book and with each chapter I just wanted it to end. The plot felt like it had a lot of holes, and the justifications for accepting The Hunger Games and not revolting against them, seemed silly.

Despite my feelings toward the first book, I still really wanted to see the movie. So off I went and I just couldn't get into it. Half way through I apologized to my friends for choosing such a bad movie. Then the exciting part came, the actual Hunger Games and it got better. 

I just don't get the hype and keep on wondering what I am missing?

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