Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Grand Designs Live

So this weekend we went to Grand Designs Live at the Coca Cola Dome in Northgate. I think I am making a habit of visiting expos, they are a pretty cool way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Here are some highlights:

They had some awesome products on display! Some of those kitchens are to die for, but I liked the novelty items more, like the awesome lime green appliance collection, wall stickers and of course the crafts. The garden was pretty cool, but I feel for the people who have to lug out all of the soil.

The furniture was amazing and interesting. I really like the anything goes chair, the meant to look like wood chair as well as the outside chair. They had a graffiti wall and I of course had to draw a sk8er g8er. 

And finally, the food. This year they had a gourmet food section which was amazing. We bought a chocolate cupcake and a mini cake. There was so much stuff to choose from and the best part was all the tasters. I also bought the most divine pesto. 

A fun day out!