Sunday, June 12, 2011

But is it Art?

The best answer I ever got to this question was while walking through an industrial art park. We were looking at a particularly interesting exhibit when I asked this question. The group considered it for a while, then one individual stepped forward and said,  "Yeah, I think so." Last weekend I went to the MOCA in Taipei to see Li Hui's solo exhibition Reality Impalpable. He is a Chinese artist and uses LED lights to make amazing sculptures. My favorite was The Undying Heart, which you can watch here. On June 11, it was International Yarn Bombing Day. Yarn Bombing is like graffiti but you use yarn to cover things on the streets. For more info read this article Creating Graffiti with Yarn. My favourite example of yarn bombing would have to be this work of art by Olek (a tribute to Bansky's Balloon Girl). And now for some awesome poses for you to practice so that you may look beautiful each time you take a picture! Just click here to enter the wonderful world of the Asian pose. Happy posing! Finally some food for thought on modern art.