Saturday, July 9, 2011

I find it kind of funny when...

Someone states the obvious
 Image by Scott Beale 

When you find something that is highly inappropriate so funny and can't help but laugh any then try to  cover it up anyway. Kind of  like this guy.

When someone falls. Watch gravity win every time in this compilation of fail falls.
Video made by ahahahaha15

Getting lost in translation. This can take many forms, from awkward conversations to funny signs, but again, always hilarious. 
Image from

Shows take current affairs or popular culture and rip them off while making excellent observations a.k.a satire. 
Watch the South Park episode (S10E7) Tsst, about how all of the reality TV nannies fail to control Cartman and eventually the Dog Whisperer is brought in to save the day.

And now for some more funny from The Lonely Island. 

Have a happy weekend.