Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Humble Fugu

This fugu family is made by Zooguu and can be bought here. They are super cute. I have been fascinated with the fugu ever since I discovered that chefs need to obtain a special license to prepare and serve fugu to the public. This involves a two or three year apprenticeship, a written test, a fish identification test and for the grand finale you have to prepare and eat your fugu. This is all fun and games, but fugu is highly toxic and if you mess up the preparation (by say, splitting open the highly toxic liver) it can be fatal. For more details on this delicacy watch National Geographic's A Delicacy to Die For. For my birthday two years ago my friend bought me an awesome jelly fugu. He sits on my mantel next to a beaded goat that another friend sent me a few years back. I like animals. For fugu fiction read this aptly titled short story: Fugu by Daniel Sage. Finally here is a WTF for you to consider: petite lap giraffes.