Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A wish list

Stuff that I would really like. Santa take note. And by Santa I mean my parents. Like I said when I was 8 years old "Mom, I know you are Father Christmas." 

So obviously I appreciate any gifts, but these are on my wish list.

At number uno, we have that much coveted capybara brooch, that was also on my list last year. My life was made over the weekend, when I saw a real life capybara at the zoo.

Secondly, I would love any books. I have thought about getting a Kindle or E-Reader but I'm still old school that way. I love collecting books way too much.

Next up some fabric. For my birthday I received the most awesome sewing machine ever and I would love to make some things over my rather long (not complaining) vacation.

Finally, I love baking even though its often hit and miss. I would like to work on my cake decorating skills and I'm thinking a good place to start would be with a piping bag.

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