Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A movie you should like totally watch: America Pie Reunion

I remember when I was 16 America Pie came out. My BFF and I went off to the cinema to watch it. There was a catch, her mom came with us. We were hiding our embarrassment throughout the movie while luckily my BFF's mom found it hilarious and laughed throughout. There have been several more American Pies since then and I didn't have high hopes for American Pie: Reunion. I was wrong. 

It features all of the original cast members and even the MILF guys make an appearance. I thought I would be over the pie humor by now, but nu uh I laughed throughout the movie. There are so many funny moments. 

Here is one of them...

Steve Stifler: "I love the Twilight books. New Moon is my favorite!"
Teen Girl: "Mine too!"
Steve Stifler: "Oh my god, it's like, we have so much in common!"