Wednesday, August 1, 2012

WTF Wed: Pizza

The other day while getting a DVD and some pizza, I saw that one pizza chain that shall remain nameless was actually offering a 4 stacked pizza. My friend tried to convince me it was great, but I was not convinced. Which got me thinking, when is enough enough? Here are some weird and wonderful pizzas. Bon Appetit! 

Heart Attack on a Plate

This creation from Pizza Hut, available exclusively in Japan has it all. Mini hotdogs, cheese stuffed crusts, meatballs, bacon, ham, corn and best of all you get not one but two "sauces", ketchup and maple syrup. 

Mizza: rice pizza

Again Pizza Hut nails it. Instead of the usual dough base they have decided to use rice and according to the add "it tastes suprising delicious that nothing can beat". Yum!

For someone who has everything

Why yes that is caviar, four of the world's most expensive caviars and one of these babies will set you back US$1000. 

Brain Food

Pizza Art: it's no joke

Of course pizza art exists. Check out this website for the Top 10 Pieces of Pizza Art. I love the Ninja Turtle one.