Tuesday, July 31, 2012

NeighbourGoods Market

My friend invited me to try out the Neighbourgoods market. I was super excited because I had heard only good things. I met up with my buddy at her house and we left for our destination. I had my sister's GPS in my car and asked if I should bring that. My buddy had a map book and had been there before. Twenty minutes later we knew we were close but just couldn't find it! After deciding to just go where the bonnet takes us, we got there. We also managed to find parking straight away and my buddy nailed parallel parking. 

It's on Juta Street in town. You can't miss it, seriously. 

Our prime parking spot. No selling balls under an umbrella here!

The most delicious iced coffee ever! Next time I want to try the peanut butter one. 

I lurve marshmellows. The Turkish Delight ones are my favorite. 

This was our lunch. These burgers are amazing!