Monday, July 9, 2012

Good to Eat At: Chinese Food in Cyrildine

So for a while my buddy Kate had been telling me about a place that had an authentic Chinese experience, that she was excited to take me to. And she was right! 

We went to Cyrildene. There are some awesome Chinese supermarkets, vegetable stalls, temples and some rather suspicious looking massage parlors. We went to the supermarkets and bought some stuff. I had to get some of these panda cookies, they are so delicious. And why yes that is mayonnaise in a bag. 

Best of all Cyrildene has some of the best Chinese restaurants around. As Kate said "Delicious food complete with plastic tablecloths and grimy floors". The restaurant that Kate usually goes to was closed, so we tried a random one and struck gold. I have been dying for some Kung Pao chicken but have not seen it on any menus. I just asked and what do you know, they said they would make it. We also ordered sweet and sour prawn and wow was that tasty. I got to practice some of my Chinese and when Kate had a "Where is the bathroom?" "It's finished" moment, I stepped in, used some Chinese 101 and her bladder was saved. 

So the next time you are in the mood for some Chinese food head on over to Cyrildene. 好吃!