Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Little Prince

I first read this gem of a book when I was in my third year at university. I have read it every year since then. I have started to read it Chinese, but that is a whole different project on its own. Here are some of my favourite quotes and illustrations.

This is the first page where the boy asks grownups what he drew. They all reply a hat, and he is rather disappointed that none of them can see that it is clearly a boa constrictor eating an elephant.

There is nothing quite like a sunset. 

Words to live by. 

Perhaps you will ask me, "Why are there no other drawing in this book as magnificent and impressive as this drawing of the baobabs?" The reply is simple. I have tried. But with the others I have not been successful. When I made the drawing of the baobabs I was carried beyond myself by the inspiring force of urgent necessity.