Monday, May 21, 2012

4 More Epically Awesome Interweb Things

Twitter: South Park all day every day
I lurve South Park. I can watch episodes over and over again and do so on a regular basis. Hit the twitterverse and be sure to follow @SouthParkQuote. It will make you laugh a lot. Whenever I check twitter I always smile at these quotes. I also use these quotes which tends to confuse people who are not South Park fans. But I don't care.... "Whateva! I do what I want!"

Tumblr: All That is Interesting

Tumblr is an awesome way to get bite sized bits of cool info. The other day I stumbled upon All That is Interesting. Its a pretty cool microblog and the latest post is all about sand sculpting. Ever since my friend Lauren and I watched a show on sand sculpting I have been super interested in this here topic. I even tried some amateur sand sculpting.
I won't quit my day job just yet. My first attempt at sand sculpting.

Pinterest: What to make to feed your face?
Pinterest is an awesome way to decide what food to make. I am always on the lookout for new recipes and pinterest makes this so easy. Its like reading a picture book. See what catches your eye click on the picture and voila. How delicious do these strawberries look? Nom. Nom. Nom.

YouTube: Fat Marmot Eating a Cracker

Wowzers this video has been cracking me up for weeks. I have sent it to a lot of people, they don't think it is that funny, but every time I get a visual I start laughing.

And now for something completely different. Recently I have been watching a lot of The Cleveland Show. (You should watch it, it is super awesome). Here is a quote:

Cleveland Jr.: I've never been friends with a girl before. Is it true you guys clap your breasts together, like a seal? 
Tyra: No! 
Cleveland Jr.: Thanks a lot, Wikipedia.