Sunday, February 19, 2012

Comedies and cringeworthy moments...

I love watching comedies over and over again. My sibling and I have a lot of "a little on the inside I know" jokes that leave people wondering what we are talking and laughing about. Here are some of those references.

The Inbetweeners: a comedy about four teenage boys dealing with life at school. 

Jay's crazy frog impersonation. I laugh and cringe at the same time. There are also some excellent one liners like:
Simon's Dad: You've had an eventful day - bunking off school, buying alcohol illegally, defacing Carli's drive and insulting Neil's dad - have I missed anything?
Will: We also hit a spastic with a Frisbee.

Will Ferrel: everything he has done except Semi-Pro (that was really bad)
The Best of Will Ferrel on SNL is really awesome. Like "I gotta have more cowbell" and the hot tub scene. Jimmy Fallon does his cracking up and that just makes it funnier. Some other great moments in movies include Dragon Earl in Starsky & Hutch, Chaz in Wedding Crashers, all of Step Brothers and Blades of Glory and of course Magatu in Zoolander.

Arrested Development: meet the Bleuth family
Thobias Fumke is one of my favourite characters as is G.O.B "I've made a huge a mistake". So excited for the Arrested Development movie. 

I'm Alan Partridge: former star tries to get back into the limelight but fails horribly.
 Watch this compilation of some of the best moments to get a feel for the show. Ah ha!

Community: a study group becomes friends at Community College.
I discovered this gem of a show when my friends, Dan and Lauren got me the DVD for Christmas. My favourite character is the Chinese Spanish teacher, Senior Chang. 

Parks and Recreation: the politics behind the Parks & Rec board of Pawney. 

This is taken from the episode where Tom sells Snake Juice at the Snake Hole. This series just keeps on getting better.

Chris Liley: Summer Heights High, We can be Heroes and Angry Boys.
I can't wait to watch this new show. If it is anything like his previous shows, it will be comedy gold. He plays such interesting and funny characters. 

The Office: it is just funny.
Because of The Office, "That's what she said" will always be funny. If this was my kid, I would have to give them a high five. 

An Idiot Abroad: Karl Pilkington is just so funny. 
In Season 1 he sees The 7 Wonders of the World (the above clip is from his time in China visiting The Great Wall) and in Season 2 he checks things off of his bucket list. I love it when he visits South Africa. 
And that is all. Happy Sunday.