Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Look what I got

Look what arrived for me from my friends in Taiwan. We have kind of started a tradition, whereby we send all the birthday and Christmas gifts at once. It wasn't meant to be this way, it just kind of turned out that way due to our contestant procrastination. Me more so than them, right guys? I will be posting my gifts next week. 

Beautifully wrapped and they used my favorite stationery ever. You guys know me too well.

How awesome are these panda clips? Can't wait to use them. Might even turn one into a hair clip....

This is the coolest card in the history of cards. I love sloths. I think I shall get this framed.

This was what my most talented friend Lauren made me. Not the stuffed animal, the bag. It is amazing and the attention to detail....wow! Thanks so much dude. I am currently using this bag and it makes me so happy every time I get something from inside it to see the amazing green lining.

ps: there was another awesome gift, but that shall be part of a new post because it is a DIY and I am still in the process of DIY'ing it.