Wednesday, October 17, 2012

In the city: fun, fun, fun

I have only ever won two things, a coffee table book featuring concept cars and a Britney Spears CD. When I heard that one of my favorite bands of all time, Bloc Party, was coming to South Africa, I almost couldn't believe it. When I found out they were playing at Rocking the Daisies, and then that none of my friends wanted to go, I was super sad. Enter In the City. 

Bloc Party would be playing in Joburg. All I needed to do was round up some of my friends and go. Problem, none of my friends wanted to cough up almost R300 to see a band that they didn't really know. Plan B: win tickets. I entered all of the competitions that were giving away tickets and to my surprise I won. At first I thought I had only won two tickets, but I had won four. It was one of the happiest days of my life. Not even the fact that a few hours later I was a victim of fraud and had all of my money stolen could dampen my spirits. I was going to see Bloc Party in the flesh, and guess who would also be there, Die Antwoord

We arrived at the venue and I had to pay R50 for parking, and even though I tried to reason with the car guard that on the web it said R20, he wasn't having any of it. We entered the venue and decided we needed a drink. 

Oh how I had forgotten the bonding experiences and camaraderie of standing in the queue to get a drink. We were there for over an hour and got to see and hear some awesome drunk kid antics. One individual even had the audacity to warn others about her broken foot, the crowd was having none of this, and asked why she would even be in such a queue with said foot. Ha ha. 

When we got to the front we realized why there was such a hold up, all glasses and cans had to be decanted into plastic cups. A fellow queuer offered to decant one of my beers (we were taking no chances, all of our drinks would be bought then and there) and managed to create that awesome layer of foam so common to non seasoned beer pourers. Still it tasted, as Die Antwoord would later sing, like an angel peed on my tongue. 

Music time. Say what you will about Die Antwoord, they sure can put on a show. I have never heard so many swear words in one set, my favorite being "poes koel". And Yolandi Visser's signature squeal, really does sound like a whale if you think about it. All in all I was super entertained. 

die antwoord at in the city joburg
"Oh look it's a baby" (as ghost was inflating) "Oh wait, that's not a baby!" (once the entire ghost was inflated). 
Next up was Bloc Party, and they did indeed rock the party. I luffed all of their tunes, but was super sad when they didnt play signs. Sure it was one of their biggest hits, but I like it muchly.

Panoramic shot of Bloc Party. Such an awesome pic.