Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday Fun: Mandoza’s Nkalakatha

I come from a small town where lets just say some people are not as progressive as others. One night we were at the local high school's braai evening. There was quite a good turn out but what made it odd was that there were about 20 tables of white folk and one central table of black folk. Only in this town. 

After the braai, the DJ fired up his tunes and we got to listen to Steve Hofmeyer, Dozi, Kaptein and more of the usual treffers. Some of the white tables were dancing and then when the tell tale starting beats of Nkalakatha filled the air, everyone, black and white, hit the dance floor. There is just something about that song. 

Here is the 2012 Remake with some Afrikaans lyrics

And as always Nandos nails it....

Fun fact: this song is 12 years old.