Monday, October 22, 2012

For Your Face: RiceKrispie Treats (recipe)

So on Sunday I was feeling rather domesticated and decided to whip up some tasty treats. I really wanted to make chocolate chilli fudge, but none of my friends like fudge. One friend suggested I made Rice Krispie Treats like "we had when we were kids". That is exactly what I did. 

Step 1: melt the marshmallows and some butter over a low heat

Step 2: Remove from heat and mix in some Rice Krispies (puffed rice cereal)

 Step 3: keep on mixing until all the marshmallow goodness has been absorbed 

Step 4: line a baking tray with wax paper

 Step 5: add the mixture and flatten with a metal spoon

Step 6: place in the fridge for about an hour

Step 7: remove from the baking tray and cut into squares

Feed your face and enjoy!