Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Birthday Cake & Cup Cakes

So last week it was my birthday. I lurve birthdays because they make you realize who all your awesome friends are. I had a wonderful time and thought I would share some stuff. Now it is no secret that I love pandas. My BFF made me this amazing panda cake. I was so chuffed with it that she said "I didn't even have to buy you anything. You would have been happy with just the cake". It was that awesome. 

Unfortunately we couldn't eat all of it in one go, so my panda cake now lies hacked up in pieces in the freezer. He will be consumed one body part at a time. Nom, nom, nom. 

Another friend, who knows that I also lurve pigs, made me these awesome cupcakes. Seriously they were the best tasting cupcakes ever. So good that I even had one for breakfast. Breakfast of champions. I need to get my hands on that recipe. 

These were eaten all in one go.