Wednesday, August 29, 2012

WTF Wednesday: stinky food (Durian)


I will forever associate durian with Taiwan. I remember when I first arrived it was the start of summer and that is when these bad boys hit the supermarket. It is a smell like no other. In some places there are signs that say no durian allowed and with good reason. I decided to buy one of these to try it out. You know when in Rome. My new roommates and I had one bite and that was that. I placed it in several plastic bags and then placed it in the trash. Now here is the catch. We were working late, and at that particular apartment we had to take the trash out when we heard the tell tale Fur Elise that the garbage truck played. We missed the trash for like a week. I had to place it on the roof outside of my window so that we wouldn't die. It smelled terrible. Eventually we got rid of it.