Monday, August 13, 2012

Let's Go Outside: Irene Market

On Saturday a few of us decided to check out the Irene Market. You can go every second and last Saturday of each month. It is situated in Jan Smut's House and has some awesome stuff. We tried some amazing pannekoek, chilli chocolate fudge and some weird custard pie things that we thought would be good, but they were not. 
Old tins and a new one (ben 10). 
Awesome record cover.
Why yes this is a toilet roll holder. 
How much for the cat?

I was just saying how awesome one of these would have been when I was a kiddie, when the people behind us said the same thing. 
These are so South African! 
And yes there were camels.
Bottle cap magnets. 
Piggy Banks: the ironic thing was that these cost so much it seemed pointless to buy one to put your pennies in. 
But is it art? Coca Cola crates. 
The definition of class, a box for your papsak (box wine).