Monday, July 23, 2012

Links Loved

Happy Monday! So here are some links that I loved. You are welcome. 

A Wet Koala

The Daily Weird: it is as the name suggests...everyday they show you something weird. This is a wet koala. And you thought they were cute. He will bite your face off. 

Rich Kids of Instagram

Rich Kids of Instagram: all of the fun that reality TV shows offer but in photo format.  How many photos can one take of Dom Perignon? A lot. 

Visually Appealing: toothpicks

Now the thing about this here sculpture is that 1. it took 35 years to make and 2. it is made from toothpicks. Read more about the awesomeness here. 

And Finally, 36 Pictures You Need to See Before You Die

Click here to see all 36. Awesome website. Have a happy Monday!