Monday, July 16, 2012

Cool Stuff: for your house

Oh the inter web how I do so love you. Here are some awesome trinkets I found for the home. 

This was found on I Want One of Those. The have a collection of awesome stuff. Check it out. 

Keep the door Open

Don't you just hate it when a door won't stay open? Well hate no more. Found this on Like Cool. 

Clothes Hangers

The GreenHead prowls the internet for cool stuff. And these here hangers are creepy but cool. I would like a weird animal set, like a sloth or a manatee.

A Burger Bean Bag: so you can sit

I want this in my lounge. It would be a good talking point....also it would add a certain student look to my lounge. Win, win. From Cool Shit You Can Buy.