Monday, July 2, 2012

4 More Epically Awesome Things

Twitter: The Most Useless Facts That You'll Ever Need to Know

Follow @Uberfacts for some awesome trivia. I love being able to quote random facts while having a conversation and UberFacts lets me do just that. 

Tumblr: Eye See You

Eye bombing is the act of putting googley eyes on inanimate objects in an attempt to make them look like they have eyes. Check out this website to some awesome eye bombing. I really want to start doing this! What's not to love about googley eyes?

Pinterest: Type in weird and check out some of the boards called weird. 

When you do that you'll get some weird stuff like these lips. You're welcome. 

Website: All the Cool Kids are doing it.

Check out Urban Dictionary for the all the latest and greatest slang. They have a new word every day.