Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Why don't you draw something?

I am still living in the world of Blackberry. I have always wanted an iPhone but then my friend got a Samsung Galaxy and I realized that is the phone I want. While I do so love my Blackberry, it just doesn't have all of the cool apps that are on offer to those who own iPhones and Android phones. The day they released Instagram for Android was the day I realized this. But fret not, I have an iPod Touch and realized I could have all of the apps but just not the phone capabilities. Sort of win-win-lose. 

That gets me to my point (finally), you should Draw Something. This a very addictive and fun app that gives you a word and then you need to draw that word for your friends. They guess the word and then the fun starts all over again. 

Draw Something Fails

Can you guess this word? Ha ha too classic. 

Draw Something Fails is an awesome site where you can see all of the latest and greatest Draw Something fails. This one above has to be my favorite. 

What kind of Draw Something drawer are you?

Where do you fit in? Love this. Taken from, the unofficial Draw Something site.

Draw Something Burnout ....coz you know it will  happen.

Taken from So true, so true.