Friday, June 1, 2012

Sunday Sibling Outing with Friends: Honeydew Lifestyle Center

On Sunday we met up with friends and family at The Honeydew Lifestyle Center. It is awesome! They have a food market and you can sample and buy some rather interesting things. I ended up buying some Gojiberry pesto which I am super excited to throw over some pasta and we also had some fudge! When last? I felt like a kid again. 

My BFF and I went to have a look at the plant section and we stumbled across some cute animals to place in your garden. We had to leave the section immediately when I spotted a cobra friend for the garden. We then headed to the decor side of the center and upon seeing all of the lovely things, my BFF remarked "I want lots of money!" We spent quite a lot of time in the toy store, and I really wanted the Ranga. 

We headed to Primi Piatti for some breakfast and I got served the biggest omelette I have seen in my life. It was the length of my arm! After a delicious breakfast we headed to the plastic shop and this is where I found these cute pig and panda dustbin friends. 

I would definitely recommend a bit of a Sunday morning outing to the Lifestyle Center.