Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pretty Little Things

1. My sister gave me these awesome silicone baking cups for my birthday last year. Last weekend I put them to good use and made delicious banana muffins. They are all finished now.

2. How awesome is this mustache cross stitched ring? It is made by the super talented and I am assuming super patient MaMagasin and you can buy one here.

3. Ever since my friend Lauren and  I discovered the wonderful world of getting pedicures in Taiwan, I have been obsessed with nail art. Since I have found nail art stickers from Sally Hansen, I have never looked back.

4. To say that I love books is an understatement. I lurve books. I found this gem of a book by Roald Dahl  in an amazing second book store in Randburg called The Book Place for only R45 (NT12). I have only read the first story, but it was brilliant. Switch Bitch is only for adult Dahl fans though.

And now for a pretty little song with a pretty video from Gotye called Somebody That I Used to Know.