Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A few of my favourite things (Web version)

As the holidays come creeping toward us, I thought it would be fun to post a few of my favourite (favorite for my American friends) sites.

1. Alcohol for your Music
 Drinkify is an awesome site that lets you type in the name of the music you are listening to, and then kindly advises what drink you should have. I typed in Aqua for fun and got told to drink The Aqua. I keep on typing in obscure band names to see if I can stump the system, but as of yet I have not succeeded.

2. Make your own Font
Fontstruct allows you to play around and design your very own font. 

3. Is it Old?

Ever sent a link to your friends only to realize that everyone has already sent it or that it is old news? Well never again. Check out Is It Old? to find out if your link is fresh enough.

4. What's your sign?
The Sign Generator from has many different signs to choose from. All you do is type in your text and kabaam, a sign is created.

5. Top 10 
Listverse is a website full of lists. My favourite section is the Miscellaneous one. Make sure you read Top 10 Premature Bizarre Obituaries. 
6. Looking for a House?
It's Lovely! I'll take it! is a site I stumbled across while searching for a new house. This blog features actual pictures of houses that were listed in rental ads. 
7. Things Explained
The Oatmeal is an awesome place to learn new things. I especially love the infographics.

8. Make up a word
Verbotomy is a site that gives you a definition of something that does not have a word for it, and then you get  to come up with a new word. 

9. Twitter: Sh&% my Dad says
Justin is a guy who lives with his dad and he pretty much just writes down what his dad says. Follow it on the twitter machine.

10. Have a happy festive season. And that is all.