Wednesday, April 20, 2011

대한민국: Korea

I was first introduced to Korean culture through its wonderful dramas. I had watched soap like TV shows before, but none, I repeat none, engrossed me more than Boys Before Flowers. A friend explained that it was about a mean, good looking group of guys called F4, who terrorized the students at an affluent high school until a poor girl arrives on the scene and changes them all. She went on to describe a scene where a guy in a white suit hangs out in a forest playing the violin and then didn't need to explain further. I was going to check the series out that night! What ensued was me going to work and then using all of my other free time to get through the entire series in one week. It was that good! There is no holding back in Korean dramas, each show packs a punch. Korea offers some fun tours where you can go and see all the hot spots where your favorite stars shared their first kiss or fight. Then there is K-pop. The band to check out would be Super Junior, Wondergirls and of course Shinee. My favorite music video of all time has to be this one, because among all the dance moves and chilling in a stationary vehicle, one member decides to drink a glass of milk. (Disclaimer: I by no means aim to reduce Korean culture to two boy bands, girlpower and a TV drama. I am just saying these things are both interesting and awesome.)